Holland, for hundreds of years proudly enriched by so many of history's greatest painters,
is now home to an extraordinary talent of the Middle East.
Abas Akasi is celebrated in his adopted home as an outstanding artist with a spectacular
approach to colour.
His original style and gentle integrity contributed to his reputation as one of Holland's finest painters.
Born in Iran in 1939, Abas Akasi's artistic roots were firmly in Middle Eastern techniques.
His abilities were quickly recognised by people in very high places when he was financed and sent to study in Japan.
Greatly influenced by the atmosphere of the Far East; his work became inspired with a certain mystery and acquired a special magic of its own.
For several years he worked with Iranian television as a producer and presenter of art programms for children, using the medium of the small screen to help the very young learn simple painting and design.
In 1992 he succeeded again to start an art programm for children on TV-5 Nordic television in Sweden.
This children's programm became one of the most successful in Scandinavian countries.
When he left Iran, he left in a hurry. Fleeing to Holland with his Dutch girlfriend, now his wife, he settled in that country before too long, began to establish his remarkable reputation.
That reputation is growing and spreading; through his work in London, Paris, New York and
many other parts of the world.
His portraits are being acclaimed by many prominent people in the world of entertainment.
Among the many of whom he has done great justice include:
Les Reed - Rick Wakeman - Don Black - Mitch Murray - Nina Carter
Charles Aznavour - Salvatore Adamo - Stewart Copeland - Norman Wisdom.

My dear friend abas, I realy can not put into words, what you have put on paper. not only have captured our characters, but your kindness and warmth are also there to see. You are a very kind,sympathetic warm genius. It is an honour to know you. You make the world abetter place. Sincere thanks, Rick Wakeman.

Les Reed showed appreciation of Akasi's work by the following letter:
........" Thank you so much for your very valuable time in producing such a life-like portrait"........

Salvatore Adamo, is also among the friends of Abas Akasi.
He was very pleased with the portrait that Akasi made of him.
The resemblance is striking.
This is his comment: ........" For having painted more than my face ....
you succeeded in reflecting my " Soul " as far as I have one.
Bravo .... you are a real artist"......

Don Black, wrote the following verses:
......" You are a talented and very gentle gentleman.
Thank you for your wonderful work"........

Charles Aznavour was very glad to sit for Abas Akasi.
He was very satisfied by the result and the way Akasi put him on paper.
Therefore he was pleased to sign the drawing himself.
He did write the following verses:
......" With my congratulations for his art so delicate. With respect.".....

------------------------------------------------ With respect,
------------------------------------------------ Nina Wakeman and Patti Hancock.